Peter Sage is a well-known international serial entrepreneur with twenty-five years of experience in growing fast-paced enterprises.

During that time he launched, operated and brought to success over a dozen companies, several of which large enough to qualify for the global Entrepreneurs Organisation membership. He served as the Chairman of the London YES Group (the largest personal development organization in Europe) and currently serves on the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board for INSEAD – a global top-five business school and one of the world leaders in the field of entrepreneurship education.  Peter is also an advisor to the Hungarian Government on their creative think tank policies.  Virtually all of the businesses Peter created have been in different industries.

His current passion is to focus more on sharing his insights, wisdom, lessons and mistakes with others.  He is also involved in working bringing to fruition a clean energy solar project in India, where his focus is on providing clean energy to 250,000 families in Rajasthan.    

International Best Selling Author and Inspirational Speaker

At 18 years old Peter wrote and published his first book on health and fitness, ‘Supreme Physique’. He is the Co-author of ‘Lessons Learned from the Recession’ from the Business Leaders book Club and his latest book ‘5 Keys To Master Your Life’ became an Amazon No. 1 best seller in Japan in its first week and has since sold over 150,000 copies and risen to be in the top 1% of business books ever sold in Japan.  His latest book "I AM - The Power Of Reinventing Yourself" is tipped to be a worldwide best seller and is due to be published in early 2015 - stay tuned.

Peter has also written dozens of articles published in numerous magazines, newspapers and journals over the last two decades. As an expert in human behaviour and motivation he has spoken on 5 continents and is frequently asked to deliver keynote addresses, entertaining and inspiring audiences across the globe where he has been booked to share the stage with high profile people such as Kofi Anan, Sir Richard Branson, Former US President Bill Clinton and many others.  His client list includes several governments, royalty and many blue-chip companies.  Examples of Peter in action can be seen on his YouTube channel.

Awards and Industry Recognition

  • Awarded the distinguished 2013 Brand Laureate Award from the Asian Pacific Brands Foundation for extraordinary individuals -Previous winners include Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Hilary Clinton and Tiger Woods.
  • Twice nominated for the "Extraordinary Lives Award" by the largest Social Entrepreneurs organisation - XL Nation
  • First Global Ambassador for Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organisation - CEO
  • Listed in the Cambridge Who’s Who of global directory of business professionals
  • First recipient of the Honorary Life Member award for outstanding contributions to the London YES Group
  • Plus many more

Personal Development and Mentoring

Peter is an expert in personal development and is committed to bringing those skills and experience to a global audience. He is a qualified senior trainer for Robbins Research International (as certified by the Robbins-Madanes Institute) and a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). Peter is a qualified Navigator for ‘Life-Pilot’ – a values based organisation that delivers programs that are a catalyst for positive personal change and growth. In addition, as a trained specialist in Psychotherapeutic Intervention and Human Needs Psychology he spends up to one month each year travelling and volunteering internationally to mentor and train people from diverse backgrounds; from students to super achievers and successful businessmen as well as working directly with the homeless, drug addicts, trauma & abuse cases.

Charity & Philanthropy

Peter is a philanthropist (although prefers to teach people to fish rather than just give them fish), is Patron of two registered Charities (Positive Awareness and The Sun Lotus Trust) and an active supporter of multiple charitable causes. Through a combination of personal donations, active fundraising or extreme endurance events he has raised over one million dollars for charities all over the world including; The Anthony Robbins Foundation, St Paul’s Hospital Foundation, The Community Alliance Network, Room to Read, Save the Rhino, The Easter Seals and many others. He has spent a lot of time in third world countries helping to tackle poverty through capacity building and education including building a school in Tanzania. For several years Peter has also played an instrumental role with the London Basket Brigade – an organisation that feeds thousands of homeless and underprivileged families across London each Christmas.


Peter is an accomplished athlete, expert in health and nutrition and a former competition level bodybuilder. He has completed several Marathons, including the formidable 250km Sahara Ultra-Marathon (Marathon des Sables) – widely recognized as the toughest footrace in the world. He competes at British Championship level indoor rowing, is a trained and decorated marksman (Great British Shooting Team, ACF) a qualified open water diver, an experienced skydiver and a long-standing member of the internationally renowned and infamous Dangerous Sports Club.

Peter's expertise and passion for business is displayed in his history with over 15 start-ups before the age of 30. Some of these have been big international success stories producing millions of pounds in revenue and employing hundreds of people, some, in his own words -

"flew like a lead bird and should really have stayed in the idea phase"

Have you listened to Peter's Straight Talk on Business?

Learn the strategies that enable you to start or grow a business with no money. Find our which core beliefs are critical to commercial success and find our what money really is.

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Here are some previous examples of Peter's success stories

Space Energy is a dynamic and forward thinking Company that seeks to make a global impact in the areas of renewable energy, technology development, environmental issues and corporate responsibility. Click to visit Space Energy

In Early 2002 Peter teamed up with dynamic entrepreneur, Jan Spaticchia to form the Blu-sky group. This division of Peter's business empire went on to build, buy and own several full-scale health clubs and tanning salons. It offers franchise opportunities across the globe and is now one of the fastest growing chains of its kind in Europe. Click to visit The Blu-sky Group

Another famous start up by Peter, the WWH corp. is now one of the most successful mail order suppliers of high quality and cutting edge unique natural health products and dietary supplements in the Northern Hemisphere. Specializing in anti-ageing and ailment support and prevention, it has tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Click to visit The Worldwide Health Corporation

Executive Speaking & Coaching Services (ESCS)

ESCS handles all of Peters Speaking engagements, training and coaching clients. As a Certified Professional Speaker, he is available for presentations on any scale and is at home working either 'one to one' with high level executives or on stage presenting to corporate conventions in excess of 5,000 people. Also having built from scratch many different businesses his ability to add value to business owners through his coaching programme is legendary and carries virtually NO risk. Click here to learn more about Peters Seminars and workshops and coaching program.

Sage Property Services

Property acquisition has been a cornerstone of Peter’s business and investment portfolio for many years. He is always looking for properties from £50k to £5m to buy for either refurbishment or investment. Refinance options for existing lending are also available. If you have a property to sell or would be interested in a joint venture etc then please contact Peter.

Zero To A Million

From 2003 – 2005 The Zero To A Million workshop series became the premier training company in the UK for teaching business owners how to take their companies to the next level.

Sage UK Ltd

A successful leasing company for office furniture and equipment that formed part of Peter's Sage group of companies in the mid 90's. Was eventually sold to the accountancy software firm - 'Sage PLC'

Peter has funded many different ventures for many different people, if you have a business idea or proposal,

Peter is a philanthropist and an active supporter of multiple charitable causes. Through a combination of personal donations, active fundraising or extreme endurance events (see Sports & Adventure) he has raised over a million dollars for charities all over the world including:

The Anthony Robbins Foundation Room to Read
St Paul's Hospital Foundation Save the Rhino
The Community Alliance Network The Easter Seals and many others

Tanzania - Africa

He has spent a lot of time in third world countries helping to tackle poverty through capacity building and education, including building a school in Tanzania.

Peter Sage's run down - Basket Brigade London

For several years Peter has also played an instrumental role with the London Basket Brigade – an organisation that feeds thousands of homeless and underprivileged families across London each Christmas.

Charity Presentations

While Peter's corporate rates are justifiably high, his willingness to contribute sees him donate dozens of hours of his time each year on stage towards helping or inspiring various charity, educational or non-profit audiences. His passion for raising aspirations, especially among children and teenagers saw him nominated for a business in the community award at the age of 25. Since then he has consistently interwoven into his career time to help whoever he can from educating and encouraging young and aspiring entrepreneurs to working with terminally ill cancer patients or people less fortunate in general on how to have the best outlook on life.

If you are part of or run a recognised volunteer, educational, charity or non-profit group or organisation and are interested in Peter speaking for you, please contact us here with the name and a brief description of the organisation together with the outcome you would be looking for and someone will respond.

Please note that due to Peter's intensive international travel schedule, his calendar can often be booked at least 6-12 months in advance.

Peter’s passion for Life is coupled with a passion for adventure. Over the last few years this has included many 'crazy' events, several of which raised thousands of pounds for charity. On this page you can browse some of the most memorable including his inspiring account of the formidable Marathon Des Sable, widely recognised as the toughest footrace in the world.

Listen to Peter's Straight Talk on Ultimate Health & Vitality:

An excellent talk that takes the vast myriad of often complex and misleading information on health and simplifies it into easy and understandable chunks that we can apply today to get results fast. Never again be confused by an industry where it is becoming increasingly hard to separate hard facts from commercially biased fiction. Enjoy not just outstanding health, but develop a level of energy and vitality that allows you to live life with gusto!

Marathon Des Sable

A little bit of Blood, a whole lot of sweat, and a few tears...

The Marathon de Sables is widely recognized as the world's toughest footrace. Its translation literally means 'Marathon of the Sands' and it's both a name and reputation that is well deserved. For seven days competitors from all over the world will attempt to run over 151 miles (nearly 250kms) across some of the hardest, difficult and inhospitable terrain on the planet. - The Sahara Desert. Running the equivalent of a marathon a day, the rules state that all competitors must complete the race 'self-sufficient' meaning that all food and equipment needed for the entire duration of the race must be carried while running. Add to that temperatures in excess of 120 degrees, violent dust-storms, freezing nights and large scorpions and you may ask who in their right mind would even think of competing in such an event? It was a question I had asked myself many times. This is what happened….

"Anyone considering a fitness goal should read this story now!" J. Fleming, New York, U.S.

"Inspiring! Made me realize how much higher I can set my goals." B. Jameson, Manchester

"An excellent account of pushing the limits of human endurance - I started reading and couldn't put it down!" W. Granger, Bristol


The best way to relax!

Peter is a licensed formation skydiver with hundreds of jumps and several hours spent in freefall.


In awe! Standing on the top summit of Kilimanjaro at sunrise – the Roof of Africa doesn’t get more beautiful than this

London Marathon Rhino

Running the entire London Marathon in a 20kg rubber Costume for ‘Save the Rhino’

British Indoor Rowing Championships

Powering away at the British Indoor Rowing Championships at the Birmingham National Arena

Tough Guy

Peter has competed in over 5 U.K. based Tough Guy events in both summer and winter (brrrrrr).

Below are the lyrics to some of Peter's songs from his current album along with a sample of him performing both modern and classics.

My World

When two people intertwine in a heart-space make for one
It’s like a special soul is born its journey just begun
And when I’m in this sacred space I know just what to do
Hand in hand on the beach of paradise with you

Standing on the sand with you, and I know that I’m getting through
You make me smile so much whenever I feel your touch
You make me whole again, as I hold you in my arms
You are my world to me, my one and only lady
(Last verse)
Yes you’re my destiny, my one and only, one and only lady.

As we travel forward locked together lost in time
Two soul mates joined forever I am yours and you are mine
With passion and adventure and the whiteness of a dove
On the shore of the great ocean they call love

(Chorus and then Chorus repeat)

Peter Sage - My World
Touched By A Star

In a world, where nations are starved of love
And our troubles seem like they’ve just begun
Where people scream in silent pain inside
Never knowing where the next moves coming from
So we pray!
Praying for the rain to wash the dryness from our hearts
And purify this stale world from above
An oasis of sound in this dessert of despair
Is sang by an Angel full of love

And I can hear the sweet sounds playing as they travel back through time
Feeling the love flow from afar
And I look up and see with admiration in my eyes
For the girl who was touched by a star

As she sings, in a harmony of timeless grace
Innocence of sound now in the air
As her voice touches souls, weaving melodies of hope
Broken lives fuse together everywhere
And when she’s near!
The resonance of beauty brings the lightness to the dark
And you find yourself just gazing in her eyes
And you know at the moment that the girl you’re looking at
Is really and Angel in disguise.

(Chorus & Chorus repeats)

Peter Sage - Touched By A Star
Pain Of Glass

There’s a man I know and love, staring at me from a distance right beside me
Lookin through a window, words and feeling try to pass, but never quite breaking
through the pain of glass

Because he’s my hero, the one who made me strong
Always there for me, to teach me right from wrong
And I know the day will come when it’s time for us to grow
I just pray it happens long before you go

All I ever tried for, was to make you proud so I could be the son you wanted most
And all I ever wanted, was to know how much you cared, but I didn’t know how to
ask you, I always felt to scared
So I guess it’s now or never as time keeps marching on,
Got to bring it to a close before you’re gone


So we went out for a walk one day, talking man to man for the first time in my life
Sayin’ what we needed to say, no longer guarding feelings with a big and rusty knife
And as the distance slowly healed I began to sing this song,
And I looked up and I saw the pain had gone.

(Final Chorus)
Because he’s my hero, the one who made me strong
Always there for me, to teach me right from wrong
But know the time has come when we both see clear and true
And my prayers were answered being here with you.

Peter Sage - Pain Of Glass
10 Out Of 10

The Power in your lips as you kiss me goodnight tells me all I need to know’
And I knew right then that everything was alright as I touched you real slow
And as your eyes met mine and we start to entwine
It was a magic moment of bliss
And with the passion burning bright right into the night
We would start it all again with a kiss

And I said Lover! Lover lets do it again
You got all the right moves, all the right groves
Baby you just gotta say when
And I said Lover! Let’s do it again
‘Caus you never know how long you can go when you’re sleeping with a 10 out of 10

As the energy rises and you don’t know why
Nothing now has to make sense
And ready or not you better hold on tight
‘cause it’s gonna get pretty intense
As the passion expands we would clench our hands and fall deep into a lover’s abyss
And with the night still young and hungry for fun
We would start it all again with a Kiss


So we keep on moving trying to catch our breath as the stars burned bright in the sky
And if this is what it’s like in heaven, I’ll never be afraid to die
As we move together for ever and ever the sun breaks through the morning mist
With the night now over we would both roll over
And start it all again with a kiss

Peter Sage - 10 Out Of 10
Playing With Strangers

It was a dark and lonely night by the side of the road when I saw her face
Standing in the moonlight I knew this was my chance it couldn’t go to waste
So I asked her for a ride and this is what she cried as she turned to me
She said “Boy!, Boy, what are doing here?”
“Didn’t your Momma ever say that you shouldn’t go and play with strangers.”
She said “Boy!, Boy, what are doing here?”
“Didn’t your Momma ever say that you shouldn’t go and play with strangers.”

She took me by surprise so I looked into her eyes and pulled her close to me
I knew right at that time this Girl would soon be mine, it was just meant to be
So I held her real tight as we stood there in the night and whispered in her ear
I said “Girl! Girl, what are you doin’ here?
“Didn’t your Daddy ever say that boys they like to play with strangers”
I said “Girl! Girl, what are you doin’ here?
“Didn’t your Daddy ever say that boys they like to play with strangers”

So we got into the car and we started driving far, it was just like a dream
Flying through the night not another sole in sight we where King & Queen
And when her lips touched mine I knew it was the time, we became as one
We said “Hey! Hey, what are we doing here?
“’Cuz you never really know just how far things’ll go with strangers”
We said “Hey! Hey, what are we doing here?
“No you never really know just how far things’ll go with strangers”

We said “Hey! Hey, what are we doing here?
“’Cuz you never really know just how far things’ll go with strangers”
We said “Hey! Hey, what are we doing here?
“No you never really know just how far things’ll go with strangers”

Peter Sage - Playing With Strangers
They Say

Did you know I’ve been looking for you Girl since the dawn of time?
To say what I wanted to say and make my words all rhyme
But when I saw you standing there
With that cold look deep in your eyes
I just knew there was no way we could be friends

They say, you should know when you know when love walks through your door
They say that it’s only a fool who’s been there many times before
And they Say, that it’s never too late to find the one you’re dreaming of
But they never turn around and say, about the pain you may feel some day if your love aint right
And your left all alone in the night.

Well I never thought the day would come when I’d get over you
Have the strength inside my mind to go find someone knew
But when I started to look closely at the Girls as they went by
I knew I had to take the chance to love again

Peter Sage - They Say...

Note: All Songs performed by Peter Sage. Songs written by Peter Sage and Peter Sage and Edwin Copard. Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved. These tracks are not for resale.

The Wedding Singers

Click to watch Peter performing Andrea Bochelli at a friends wedding.